Liquid Titanium Archive

Fenwick’s Liquid Titanium Blanket

I have found that Fenwick’s therapeutic Liquid Titanium blanket helps keep a beautiful silky smooth coat on our horses, especially in the winter.

Liquid Titanium Ear Bonnet

Liquid Titanium Mask

Fenwick’s drug-free therapeutic Liquid titanium mask has had a tremendous effect calming horses in all disciplines.  It is worth a try!

Liquid Titanium Hock Boot

Fenwick’s therapeutic Liquid titanium Hock boots are very comfortable and easy to put on.  They won’t rub or slip down.

Therapeutic Infinity Scarf

Fenwick’s therapeutic Liquid Titanium Infinity Scarf can relieve a variety of aches and pains.  It also will keep you warm this winter without the need of a bulky scarf.